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Lip FillerEvery woman notices lip shrinking with lack of plumpness and contour as they age. Some women have smaller lips, less pink showing, or lack of shape or definition of their lips genetically and desire improvement, but with minimal downtime. The goal is a natural looking, subtle change that makes the lips and mouth area “pop” without looking unnatural, over-filled or “fake.”

At Innovative Aesthetics M.D. in Winston-Salem, lip filler is done using the best choice of the best techniques: a hyaluronic acid filler such as Volbella, PRP augmented filler placement or a proprietary technique combining PDO threads and filler.

Hyaluronic acid filler is naturally reabsorbed by the body over time which results in an expected duration of six months to eighteen months. This depends primarily on your metabolism, and can be better estimated after the first treatment is experienced.

Lip filler done with a combination of PRP prepared from your own blood or PDO threads (the Beverly Hills Lips™ package) will last longer due to the physiologic response to concentrated platelet growth factors or the PDO threads.

Dr. Lindsay is meticulous and skillful with cosmetic injectable treatments, but even more so with lip rejuvenation. She uses a customized approach with every lip filler injection, ensuring that all areas of the lip and patient concerns are treated including the loss of volume and plumpness, the dehydration and wrinkles that occur with age and sun damage, the down-turn of the mouth corners, chin crease and chin projection are improved, vertical lip lines are addressed, and overall definition is restored including highlighting the Cupid’s bow and lip borders. With the proper injection technique, the full mouth area can be beautified giving a natural, enhanced look to the lower face, chin and jowls and making your smile more attractive, approachable, soft and youthful.